Lightsaber Dueling

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    Dueling Lightsaber

    Every lightsaber we have at ZIA Sabers is a dueling lightsaber, meaning that you can use it in any situation ranging from a casual sparring match to an intense battle for life or death. While we advise against killing your opponents, as it is not the Jedi way, the fact remains that the durable polycarbonate material of all of our blades makes it possible to use your full force in every swing. If you want to truly excel at lightsaber dueling, you will need to learn from the masters.

    Fighting Sabers

    The most renowned experts in the galaxy when it comes to fighting sabers were Jedi Master Yoda, Dark Lord Tyranus, and Jedi Master Mace Windu. Each of these renowned duelists had their own style that made them nearly unbeatable. If you are a follower of the Jedi way, you may wish to learn from Mastery Yoda. If you are a Sith, Darth Tyranus could be your teacher. And if you are a Grey Jedi, Mace Windu is the one you would learn the most from.

    FAQs About Lightsaber Dueling

    Yoda could outpace even the most skilled opponents with combat lightsabers. He favored Form IV, which utilized a lot of acrobatics and combined the use of the force in-between assaults to throw his opponents off. In a face-off against Darth Tyranus, Yoda was able to fight the Dark Lord to a stalemate, despite his adversary's expertise in the swift and dangerous Form II.

    Darth Tyranus was an extremely accomplished Dark Lord of the Sith and was formerly Darth Sidious' apprentice. He specialized in lightsaber dueling, though his skills in the Force were not to be ignored. You most likely remember him as Count Dooku, the general of the Separatist army. Dooku used Form II, a style that used elegant and efficient movements to redirect opponent's attacks against them. Form II was thought to be the most effective combat style against other lightsaber wielders.

    The last of the three lightsaber dueling masters is Mace Windu. He created his own signature style of lightsaber combat known as Vapaad. This was a variation on Form VII that was used by Darth Sidious. Mace Windu channeled his emotions of anger and hate without giving in to them completely, which allowed him to defeat Darth Sidious in battle.

    A truly skilled duelist will know the basics of every form, but if you want to win against your foes, it may be best to specialize. While Form II is typically considered the best for dueling, do keep in mind that this was not the favored form of Yoda or Mace Windu.

    It is not so easy to say that one form of lightsaber combat is more powerful than the others, but if you study all of them, you may notice the pros and cons of each. Which form to use is ultimately a situational decision.